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  • Run Windows 10 from USB Jul 31 2015
    If you’re looking for an ultra portable solution for your computing lifestyle, you might be interested in running Windows 10 from USB. It’s a good solution if you do light work on multiple computers. Now clearly, this is not the most ideal situation. For one, this will surely shortness the life cycle of your USB with the numerous reads and writes it’ll have to perform. Also, USB speed is much slower than SATA speed.

  • Play Half Life on Android Wear Jul 23 2015
    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. But in this case, you totally should. If you recall, I demonstrated how to play Team Fortress Classic on Android using the SDLash app. The app is able to emulate the GoldSource game engine, which was used in many of the classic valve games such as Half-Life and Team Fortress. Right now, I am putting together a tutorial on how to play Half-life on Android, but in the meantime, check out how to do it on Android Wear (albeit a little more complicated).

  • Run Minecraft Server on Chromebook Jul 20 2015
    So do you have a Chromebook sitting around that you have absolutely no idea what to do with? Well, if you or your buddies are minecraft junkies, then why not consider turning your Chromebook into a Minecraft server. It runs slightly faster than using your Android phone as a minecraft server, and offers a playable speed(though it can lag occasionally). Now before you do this, you need to make sure that you have Ubuntu Installed on your Chromebook.

  • Play Team Fortress Classic on Android Jul 18 2015
    Have you ever imagined that you would be able to play a Steam game on your phone? Well, I hope so, because I already demonstrated how to play Portal on your Android device. In any case, it’s even easier to play Team Fortress Classic on Android. This is all thanks to an app called SDLash3D which uses the SDL library that allows you to do some really cool emulation such as running Windows 95 on your device.

  • Install Android on Old PC Jul 14 2015
    Do you have an old computer just sitting around? If you are like me, then you probably have a couple of old PC’s that once ran Windows XP but serve no useful purpose now. Of course, I could always just install and very lite version of Linux on it and call it a day. However, Linux takes a lot of time (compared to Windows) to set up and is a big learning curve for people who are unfamiliar with it.

  • Lock Phone From Android Wear Jul 13 2015
    Security means everything to me. I am that guy who uses two step authentication on everything, along with safety backups and more. When it comes to security on Android, things aren’t as tight as I would like them to be. On my S6, my favorite thing to use is the fingerprint scanner. I am aware that the fingerprint scanner does not offer better security than a strong password or lock pattern (although you could easily bypass the Android Lockscreen pattern), however, it will deter most people from trying to snoop around in my phone.

  • Coolest Apps Android wear 2015 Jul 09 2015

    I love trying out new things with my smartwatch. Here is a video featuring the coolest Android wear apps 2015. If apps aren’t your thing, no problem. Check out my video on the Top Android wear games for your device.


    Video for Android Wear

    Wear Audio recorder

    Web Browser for Android wear

    Staylit Wear

    Have any other cool apps? Feel free to share below.

  • Play PS2 Games on Android Jul 04 2015
    I am not lying when I tell you that there is an actual PS2 emulator available for Android. No, I am not talking about one of the many fake ones that you see in the Play Store. I am talking about an actual app with the purpose of emulating the PlayStation 2. Now don’t get too excited. This app is still in the very early stages. The only commercial title that I have got booting so far has been Final Fantasy X.

  • Stream Steam Games to Android Jun 29 2015
    Have you ever wanted to play Team Fortress or PlanetSide 2 on your Android device? Well, there is no way to do that, unless you’re looking to play Team Fortress Classic on your Android device. However, you could stream these games from your computer to your Android device. Currently, the most popular method used to stream games to Android is some combination of limelight and Nvidia’s Game Stream. The unfortunate thing is that Nvidia’s game stream requires you to have a 600 series card or better.

  • Play Runescape on Chromebook Jun 20 2015
    Back in fourth grade, I used to spend hours playing Runescape. At the time, I thought it was the most exciting and adventurous game out there. However, it’s been about nine years since I have last played the game, so I am very behind on the latest additions and enhancements. In any case, if you are an active player, you will be happy to know that you can play this on your Chromebook.

  • Play Sega Genesis Games on Android Jun 13 2015
    The Sega Genesis was my very first game console. What my gaming PC is to me now, was what my Sega Genesis meant to me back in 1999 (if that makes sense). There are so many old titles that I used to love playing. And those cartridges…damn…I loved those cartridges. The best thing was that there used to be a huge bin at stores like GameStop, where I could easily pick up a bunch of them for under $10.

  • Play Dreamcast Games on Android Jun 13 2015
    Ah, the Sega Dreamcast, it brings back old memories. Who am I kidding, I never had the Dreamcast myself. So unfortunately, my personal experience is limited to the only game (Sonic Adventures) that I have ever played on it. But, what I do know is that you can play Dreamcast games on Android! What You Will Need: Reicast or use This One if you are running a Lollipop Device and Experience Crashes with the Play Store version.

  • 6 Fun Facts About Android Jun 07 2015
    Android is full of surprises! Even when you think you know everything something new gets discovered. While you might be up to date with all the latest information, I am going to attempt to astonish you with 6 fun facts about android that you probably didn’t know. 1. The Android Logo used to be scary We all know that Bugdroid is the official Android logo. However, before Android was officially launched, dandroid was the temporary logo used to represent the operating system.

  • LG G4 Quick Review Jun 03 2015
    tl;dr The LG G4 is seriously one of the best Android smartphones of 2015. It might not have the most attractive design on the outside and in the UI, but it is very responsive and can last you through a whole day with moderate-heavy usage. The LG G4 Quick Review: Here is a quick review of the LG G4. Screen: The LG G4 has a 2560x1440p display. LG calls it a quantum HD display.

  • How to Play PS2 Games on Chromebook May 29 2015
    I always said to never underestimate the power of Chromebooks, and here is another reason not to. You can play play PlayStation 2 Games on your Chromebook. In order to do this, you will **need to have Linux installed on your Chromebook. **We are going to use the popular PCSX2 emulator for Linux. So it’s also important that you have an Intel powered chromebook. Now, one word of advice. You are going to need to be realistic about the games that you want to emulate.