LG G4 Quick Review


The LG G4 is seriously one of the best Android smartphones of 2015. It might not have the most attractive design on the outside and in the UI, but it is very responsive and can last you through a whole day with moderate-heavy usage.

The LG G4 Quick Review:

Here is a quick review of the LG G4.


The LG G4 has a 2560x1440p display. LG calls it a quantum HD display. The display itself captures 98% of the DCI color gamut. So in theory, you’ll see a wider range of colors and more accurate colors. Honestly, I don’t know if I even own the proper equipment to verify the information on color gamut. What I can say is that the display is gorgeous. The colors are vibrant but not over saturated (looks at you Galaxy S6) and the white and black levels are closely accurate as well. My only complaint is that in direct sunlight, the screen becomes really washed out. Also, in auto brightness, the phone keeps the screen a little too dim. I would still give the best display to the Galaxy S6, despite its over-saturation, but the LG G4 comes very close to it.


A big area of concern of the G4 was performance. LG chose to use the slightly older Snapdragon 808 over the newer Snapdragon 810 due to overheating issues. Some people were especially worried about the performance, since the 808 uses the older Adreno 418. To be honest, these are all just numbers for benchmark geeks to worry over. I tested some of the most graphically demanding games such as Goat Simulator and GTA Vice city, and could not get the device to lag. Performance on this six core processor should be nothing to worry about.


The G4 comes with a 3000mAh removable battery. Battery life is superb. You will easily get through a day, and a little more with a single charge. Unfortunately, the G4 lacks wireless charging. Also, quick charging is only available if you buy the special charger.


The biggest selling point on the G4 is the camera. The G4 comes with a 16mp camera with a f1.8  aperture. The pictures are absolutely stunning and the low light performance is excellent. This definitely makes the G4 one of the best cameras in any Android phones besides the Galaxy S6. The G4 also offers a manual mode that allows you to manually focus, control the iso level, white balance and shutter speed.


There is a lot of other positive stuff that the G4 has going for it. It has cool multi-window capabilities. A double tap to wake and sleep, and runs the latest version of Android right now (Android 5.1). It comes with 32GB of internal storage and even offers expandable storage via a microSD card. Overall, I would definitely recommend the G4, it’s an awesome device with very little compromises.