Play Team Fortress Classic on Android

Have you ever imagined that you would be able to play a Steam game on your phone? Well, I hope so, because I already demonstrated how to play Portal on your Android device. In any case, it’s even easier to play Team Fortress Classic on Android. This is all thanks to an app called SDLash3D which uses the SDL library that allows you to do some really cool emulation such as running Windows 95 on your device. Overall, the performance offered by this app is amazing. Besides playing over LAN with other players, there was hardly any lag in this game.

So how much can you do with this game? Unfortunately, online play does not work. But besides…I doubt many people still logon to Team Fortress Classic when you can easily play the much improved TF2. However, you can play over LAN. So if you install this app, and copy the game files over to any other device, well, you can pretty much have a Team Fortress LAN party. Gnarly right?

What You Will Need:

  • Team Fortress Classic
  • Half Life
  • SDLash3D Apk
  • Extras.7z 

Step One: Game Data

On your android device, create a folder called _xash. _It should exist at the root of your sdcard (sdcard/xash). Then on your pc, transfer the Valve folder and Team Fortress Classic folder (probably located under steamapps/common/half-life) to that xash folder. Afterwards, download and extract the extras.7z folder. **Move that valve folder and game controller text file to the Valve folder in your Xash folder. Have I confused you yet? Just to recap, on your sdcard you have the Xash folder. Within that folder you also have the TFC and Valve folder. Within _that **_Valve folder you also have the Valve folder you downloaded from the extras zip and the controller text file from that zip.

Step Two: Booting

Finally, on your Android device download and install the SDLash3D apk. When you launch it, type in -game tfc to launch TFC (If you don’t type that, it will just launch Half-Life…that’s for another video ;).  If at any time the game or menu appears “frozen” just hit the recents button on your device and go back to the app. It will unfreeze it.

So there you have it. From this point you can create a LAN game and start playing. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them down below.