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  • Adobe Flash Player Android Lollipop Dec 29 2014
    Adobe Flash Player Android Lollipop: At one time, Android fully supported adobe flash player. However, official support ended by the time KitKat was released (though there were still a few hacks that you could use to get it). Of course, HTML5 video players are the preferred option, but unfortunately, there are some porn sites that still rely heavily on adobe flash content. Well, if you have an Android device running Lollipop you can now access the flash content once more.

  • Tor for Android Dec 21 2014
    Let’s talk about internet privacy. So as you might be aware of, when you open up a tab in incognito mode you’re not really browsing anonymously. Your ISP and and any one else who is monitoring your internet can get your location and see the sites you visited. To truly browse the internet privately, you need to use tor. To keep it brief, Tor is a mesh of proxy servers that bounces your IP to different locations across the globe.

  • Boot Computer from Android Phone Oct 02 2014
    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you didn’t have a flash drive handy? Well, the other day I was trying to re-install Windows on my laptop, and sure enough, my USB flash drive conveniently went missing. Luckily, I was able to use my Nexus 5 to mount the ISO and boot my laptop from it. So here’s how you can boot computer from Android phone: What You’ll Need: A rooted Android Device Laptop or Computer that can be booted from USB Drive Droid Step 1: Select Image File In order to mount an image or iso file from your phone, you’re going to need to use a special app called Drive droid.

  • Run Android apps on Chromebook Sep 21 2014
    Recently, Google has released an Android run-time for Chrome OS that will allow developers to easily port their android applications to Chrome OS (Feel free to watch the Keynote for more information). While this is a step in the right direction (and should have been included with Chrome OS from the very beginning, but I digress) there are only four official android apps available for Chrome OS (Evernote, Vine, Sight Words, Duolingo).

  • Best Paranoid Android Features Sep 16 2014
    Paranoid Android is by far one of my favorite custom roms.. It provides a stock like experience with added functionality. Each month the PA team has added a new signature feature to this amazing rom. So here’s a look at some of the best paranoid android features. Dynamic System Bars: <div> </div> <div> </div> <h2> Hover </h2> <div> <div> The third signature feature of PA is hover. Hover allows you to open notifications in a small standalone window.

  • Run Android on Chromebook Sep 07 2014
    Are you tired of Chrome OS? Do you want a greater selection of apps and games? Well, running Android on your Chromebook is a practical option. The performance is without compromise and almost everything works (except for the touchpad). You will have access to the entire Google Play store so you can download games and thousands of apps. So here’s how to run Android on Chromebook. What You Will Need: An Intel Powered Chromebook A USB with at least 2GB of free space Android X86 iSO Rufus Step 1: Developer Mode Before you can run Android, you will need to put your Chromebook in developer mode.

  • Android Lock Screen Notifications Sep 03 2014
    If you’re looking for a way to get notifications on your lock screen, then check out this video: Android Lock Screen Notifications. Using an app called echo Lockscreen, you can get notifications on your device’s lock screen. It also turns on your screen when you get a notification such as a text message; I think that’s one of the major advantages to this app. Give it a try and tell me what you think about it.

  • Disable Lock screen at Home Jul 26 2014
    Let’s face it, at home, there might not be a huge risk to leaving your phone unlocked. Yes, a sibling could snoop into your phone and take a look at those risque pictures you have saved or see who you have been texting, but that might not be the absolute worst security breach to deal with. Luckily, Android Lollipop adds a trusted device feature that allows you to automatically disable your lock screen if you are on a trusted wifi network or connected to a trusted Bluetooth device.

  • Windows XP on Android Jul 19 2014
    Yes Virginia, you can run Windows XP on your Android device. What once took cutting edge hardware to boot, can now work on your typical Android smartphone. Don’t get too excited though, this will not replace your desktop pc any time soon. The emulation speed is unbearably slow, and you lack any sort of network connectivity. So how does this work? One word, Bochs. Bochs is an app that can emulate practically any 32 bit operating system.

  • Run Windows 95 on Android Jul 11 2014
    The 90s called, and they want their operating system back. Windows 95 was unique for its time. However, what once took cutting edge hardware to run can now easily operate on a typical Android device. Yes Virginia, you can run Windows 95 on Android. What You Will Need: Windows 95 Image File Limbo PC Emulator Step 1: Download Stuff If you have your own bootable image file that you would like to use, feel free to do so.

  • Install Windows 8 on Chromebook Jul 11 2014
    Windows 8 is old news now, look at running Windows 10 on your Chromebook! So you want to run Windows 8 on your Chromebook? Well congratulations, you clicked on the right link. Let me first ask you a question. Are you looking for a fully responsive, practical and reliable Windows 8 chromebook system? If so, then go out and buy a Windows netbook. While running Windows 8 on your Chromebook is feasible, there are a lot of driver hurdles and hardware limitations (depending on your Chromebook model) that you will have to overcome before this becomes a practical solution.

  • Install Ubuntu on Chromebook Jul 10 2014
    Everyone has their own opinion of Chrome OS. Some find it extremely useful and others think it’s complete garbage. While I would consider myself part of the former group, I can admit that there are places where Chrome OS falls short of a desktop operating system. For exampling, I’m not able to open a java compiler on Chrome OS or use Wine to play Steam games. However, you can do all these things on Linux.

  • How to Root Any Android Device Jul 07 2014
    There are some things in life that sound too good to be true. However, this isn’t one of them. George Hortz, a hacker made famous by his iOS jailbreaks and PlayStation hacks has managed to root the Verizon Galaxy S5. So why should you care? Well, he used a recently discovered exploit found in all Linux kernels that were built prior to June 3rd. So in theory (and in practice) his app should work on any Android device that has a kernel build date prior to June 3rd.

  • Android Reverse Tether Jul 06 2014
    Everyone is familiar with tethering. However, many people overlook the ability to reverse tether. Reverse tethering allows you to share your computer’s internet connection with your phone or tablet. This is useful if you’re on a metered data plan or in an area which has no wifi and a weak mobile signal. What You Will Need: A rooted Android Device A Windows PC USB Driver Reverse Tether Zip (Go to this thread to download or direct download here) Step 1: Install USB Drivers If you don’t have any device drivers already installed on your computer and you never used adb before, then you will need to install the USB drivers.

  • Run Ubuntu 13.10 on Android Jul 04 2014
    How would it feel to have the power of a desktop operating system in the palm of your hands? If you’re a power user, and also a fan of Linux, then you came to the right place. Running Ubuntu 13.10 on your Android device is not very hard to do. Don’t think that this is some slow or stripped down version of Ubuntu. You will have access to all your favorite Linux apps and commands.