Hi, I'm Dave Bennett!

I love learning and

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Life is so unpredictable. At age 7, I wanted to become a railroad conductor. Then at age 12, I was obsessed with human cloning and thought I should become a scientist. At age 14, I got my first video camera and found a new love for acting. After spending a couple of summers taking acting classes and auditioning for independent films, I decided that I liked it more behind the camera. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I became obsessed with this new mobile operating system called Android, and started a YouTube channel talking about it. It was originally called Opensourcegangster and currently sits at 200k subscribers today (thought I don’t post much anymore). By senior year of high school, I had produced a couple of short films, and my YouTube channel was rapidly growing. I knew that I was going to be a film director, and that was “my passion.”

Today, I’m currently 25 years old and work as a senior software engineer supporting multiple application stacks and deploying critical healthcare applications to AWS Cloud infrastructure.

Like I said, life is very unpredictable.

I also produce some Android applications for fun, and I love to work on embedded IoT projects using the Arduino. I also got into politics a bit, and currently serve as the Judge of Elections in my precinct.

I used to be one of those people who had a well detailed five year plan. Now, I find that to be a fruitless task and waste of energy. We don’t know where life will take us. I might be a software engineer now, but in five years I could decide to take on an entirely different path and become a comedian or professional bird watcher. For myself, the only thing that matters is that I’m living a life that I enjoy. A life full of adventure, curiosity, intimate connections and personal growth.