Play PS2 Games on Android

I am not lying when I tell you that there is an actual PS2 emulator available for Android. No, I am not talking about one of the many fake ones that you see in the Play Store. I am talking about an actual app with the purpose of emulating the PlayStation 2. Now don’t get too excited. This app is still in the very early stages. The only commercial title that I have got booting so far has been Final Fantasy X. And even then, the performance is no more than a meager 5 fps.

The app is called Play! and is being developed by Jean-Philip Desjardins. Despite only having one developer, the progress that he has made on this app is unbelievable. No, it’s not perfect and there still is a lot of work (currently there is no sound in any of the games). Still, this should be a point of motivation for others to join and offer encouragement and resources to help move this project forward. I remember when PPSSPP first came out and only supported one unknown title. Now it’s compatible with practically any PSP title. So I am hoping that this app will follow the same faith within a few years.

What You Will Need:

  • Play!
  • Playstation 2 ISO File

What to do:

Currently, there is not much you need to do with this app to play PS2 games on Android. All you need to do is transfer a PlayStation 2 ISO file to your device and launch it in the Play! app. Don’t expect any miracles though. Most games probably won’t boot, or won’t be running at a playable speed. Also, there currently is no sound.