Play Sega Genesis Games on Android

The Sega Genesis was my very first game console. What my gaming PC is to me now, was what my Sega Genesis meant to me back in 1999 (if that makes sense). There are so many old titles that I used to love playing. And those cartridges…damn…I loved those cartridges. The best thing was that there used to be a huge bin at stores like GameStop, where I could easily pick up a bunch of them for under $10.  In any case, you can play sega genesis games on Android.

What You Will Need:

  • GENPlusDroid
  • A Gensoid Rom

The Very Very Simple Process:

Luckily, playing Genesis games on Android is the easiest emulation to do. All you need to do is find a Gensoid Rom (the internet is full of them, they are typically .bin files) and transfer it to your phone and open it up in GENPlusDroid. That’s it. No difficulty involved. As expected, the performance is smooth without any lag (come on, this is a 90s game system, there shouldn’t be lag!)