5 Actually Cool Android Tricks

Here are 5 actually cool Android tricks that you can try on your device. A couple of these tricks will require that you have adb installed on your computer. None of these tricks require root. Hide Soft Keys Softkeys are usually convenient to have but can eat up precious screen real estate. Unfortunately, not many android developers give users to ability to use their app in immersive mode (which autohides the softkeys).

Change NavBar Color Android

I don’t like when OEM Skins change the Android Navbar Color. I like the Android Navbar color to always be black. It goes well with most apps and is easy on the eyes at night. Unfortunately, LG made the default color an ugly off white/gray. Using an app called Navbar apps, you can change the Android navigation bar color.

Link: https://goo.gl/Rt6myl

LG G6 Unboxing

The LG G6 is a phone with little bezel and lots of curves. The rounded corners of the LG G6 look nice but definitely take some time to get used to. Is the LG G6 better than the Samsung Galaxy S8? Who will win the ultimate battle of LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8? Only time will tell.

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Android Reverse Tether

There might come a time when you need to access the internet from your phone, but you don’t have access to WiFi or mobile data. When that happens, Android Reverse Tether would be a useful thing to know. Reverse tethering means to share your computer internet connection with your phone (rather than the other way around). There are a couple of ways that you can do it. One way is to create a WiFi hotspot from your computer.

What’s new in Android O?

Google has just released the details of Android 0, the next version of Android. So what’s new in Android O? You can find an overview of all the features over on the Android developer website. However, I want to share my favorite features slated to be in Android O. App Auto Fill Framework This new app autofill framework will allow users to select an app as their fill app.

Top 7 Android Apps March 2017

Here is my pick for top 7 Android apps for March 2017. Energy Bar No this is not a snack. This app will display your battery level as a small line above your status bar. You can adjust the thickness and position of the line. At first it’s kinda distracting to look at, however, I’m quickly getting used it; I just love how subtle it is. I also think it’s easier to estimate my battery using this rather than looking at the battery icon in the status bar.

Control your Android Phone without Touching It

If you are looking for something cool to try, then download Eva Facial Mouse. This app allows you to control your android phone using your face. Using your face as an anchor point, the app moves the cursor on your phone relative to that point. Essentially, you are using your face to control the mouse pointer. While this is not something you should use in a practical setup, it’s still a cool app to show off to your friends.

Stream Steam Games to Android 2017

If all Android phones came with DirectX and desktop graphics, then playing native games would be a breeze. Unfortautnetly, that is far from the case. So while you might not be able to play Fallout 4 on android, there is nothing stopping you from streaming it to your device. Here’s how you can Stream Steams Games to Android. What You Will Need: Nvidia 600 series or better graphics Card GeForce Experience App Moonlight If your graphics card doesn’t fit the requirements, then check out my other tutorial on how to Stream Steam Games to Android.

Play Pokemon on Android Smartwatch

Have you ever thought about playing Pokemon on your Android Wear Smartwatch? Neither have I. However, an app called Wear GBC makes this all possible. It is a Gameboy color emulator for Android Wear. How to Play Pokemon on Android Smartwatch Here’s a quick tutorial on how I got this up and running. First download a GBC ROM (.gbc). Then add it via the phone app (you might have to unzip it first if it’s in a zip file).