Top 7 Android Apps March 2017

Here is my pick for top 7 Android apps for March 2017.

Energy Bar

No this is not a snack. This app will display your battery level as a small line above your status bar. You can adjust the thickness and position of the line. At first it’s kinda distracting to look at, however, I’m quickly getting used it; I just love how subtle it is. I also think it’s easier to estimate my battery using this rather than looking at the battery icon in the status bar.


Time to cut corners (cue bad pun music). Cornify will round the edges of your screen. Honestly, I don’t really think it makes your device look any better. But then again, I’m using a Galaxy S7 Edge, so I can’t see the corners regardless.


This app is pure genius! It allows you to see the battery level of all of your Bluetooth connected devices. This is so helpful because I have Bluetooth headphones that have no battery indication whatsoever. It’s always a guessing game in trying to decide whether or not they need to be charged soon. This app will work with almost any Bluetooth devices that support Bluetooth low energy profile.



This app is only for devices running android Nougat (Android 7.0 +). It allows you to customize the quick tiles in your notification pull down. It also allows you to add your own tiles. I like how each of the tiles have their own custom action. For example, with the calendar tile I can either have it open my calendar or go straight to adding a new event.


If you like the idea of facebook’s chat heads, then you might enjoy this app. Flyperlink allows you to open up web pages in their own window. All you need to do is share the link to the app and will launch its own “chat head.” It’s a great way to multitask while browsing the web. Unfortunately, any subsequent links will only open in new tabs within the existing floating bubble. I would rather it launch different bubbles for more links.



This is another To-Do list app. It features “nagging” reminders that will constantly bug you until you complete the task. It also has a fairly nice UI. Unfortunately, if you want to use the widget, you’re going to purchase the pro version.



Recent Notifications

I hardly ever clear my notifications, and when I do, I get paranoid that I might have missed something. That’s why recent notification is such a useful app. It allows you to go back and see all the notifications that you have received and possibly missed.