• ESP32 Digital Photo Frame Aug 26 2023
    I built a custom digital photo frame using the ESP32 for Mother's Day

  • What I've been Reading in June Jul 04 2023
    The articles, videos, podcasts, and books which have captured my interest in the past month.

  • Beyond cd and ls, Useful Linux Commands for Firmware and Software Development Mar 26 2023
    Everyday I discover a new linux terminal command to add to my toolbox. These commands speed up my software development, and make life just a little bit easier.

  • Useful Terminal Commands for Macos Mar 26 2023
    A list of terminal commands for MacOS that I use on a regular basis.

  • Apple doesn't want you developing hobby apps Feb 14 2023
    Apple still charges a $99 yearly developer fee, even if you don't want to publish your app on the Appstore. The provisioning certificate that Xcode provides only lasts one week.

  • Getting Started with STM32 Blackpill and STM32Cubeide and USB CDC Serial Aug 21 2021
    I recently purcahsed the Adafruit STM32F411 Blackpill and created my first project using the STM32CubeIde to print using the USB CDC as Serial. Here are my notes from getting started and setting up this project.

  • Software Engineers Make Up 3.6% of the US Workforce Aug 12 2021
    Software engineers make up 3.6% of the US Workforce. This is surprising since I was convinced that everyone is becoming a software engineer now.

  • Hugo Alias Aug 06 2021
    Creating a hugo alias command for directory based archetypes commands.

  • Building Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors With Custom PCB Aug 04 2021
    I have too many plants in my apartment. So I decided to build a wireless soil moisture sensor with Arduino on a custom PCB to monitor the soil moisture level. Then send alerts to my Android phone using Firebase cloud functions.

  • Setting up Namecheap, Cloudflare, and Netlify the right way Aug 04 2021
    I think I finally figured out how to setup Namecheap DNS with Cloudflare and Netlify. I use this process to host my static site built using Hugo on Netlify and cache through Cloudflare.

  • Hugo Responsive Images With Markdown Render Hook Aug 04 2021
    Create responsive images in Hugo posts using the markdown render hook. Using the srcset tag and picture element the appropriate size image will be served by the browser. This is an alternative to using a shortcode as you can still using the regular markdown image tags.

  • What I've learned about Fulfillment, Happiness and Success Apr 21 2021
    I'm deeply perplexed by the ideas of success, fulfillment, and happiness. All my life, I was told that I should desire to be successful. Then, I was sold to the idea that life is actually about 'finding happiness'. And lately, I've been on my personal journey to find fulfillment. How can I be fulfilled in life? After months of reading, listening and therapy, I feel like I can finally form a coherent thought on the matter.

  • Using the Attiny85 Arduino Microcontroller to control My Christmas Lights Dec 16 2020
    Here's a project I decided to try. Use the ATTiny85 to automatically turn off and on my Christmas Lights.

  • I Feel Like I Have No Real Interests; My Only Interest Is Making Money Nov 29 2020
    I feel like I have no real interests or hobbies. My only interest is making money and the pursuit of any activity which can lead to that quickly. However, I feel like this attitude is robbing me of fulfillment and life experiences.

  • Why I Left YouTube for a Year Oct 18 2020
    I want to explain why I left YouTube for over a year. There were a lot of internal questions that I had to figure out and YouTube was causing additional stress. I learned that giving yourself permission to quit is one of the hardest things you can do in life. I also learned that fulfillment and pleasure are not always interchangeable.