• I Will Build Something Great...Once I Get an Idea Sep 21 2020
    Everything starts off with an idea. You can't build a business without an idea. You can't make a movie without an idea. You can't draw without an idea. So how do you get an idea?

  • People Who Are Obsessed With Success and Prestige Jan 05 2020
    What does it look like to be obsessed with success and prestige? Imagine a guy who starts many endeavors and side projects just because he wants to be known as the creator of something. Or someone who builds another social app, not because he has an unique problem that's unaddressed, but because he wants to be the cool tech entrepreneur who everyone admires and envies

  • Best Way to Choose a Toilet at a Festival Nov 23 2019
    What's the best way to choose a porta potty at a music festival? Using the optimal stopping theory (also known as the secretary problem).

  • Notes From The Mom Test Nov 15 2019
    The Mom Test was an excellent read on validating your business ideas and finding the right costumers. Here are my favorites quotes from the book.

  • Yes, I Keep a Google Home in my Bedroom Oct 22 2019
    I am not afraid to keep a Google Home in my bedroom. Despite the risks and concerns, it offers me convenience that I come to enjoy.

  • Challenges Using Istio Sep 18 2019
    The team and I decided to use Istio to secure the communication of our microservices. However, we ran into many challenges using Istio in our environment.

  • How to Fix: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist May 08 2019
    If you are developing a Chrome extension with message passing, then you might have received the following error: Unchecked runtime.lastError: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.

  • What's bad about coding? You can work for hours with nothing to show for it Apr 29 2019
    One of the hardest things about coding and working on side projects is that you will often have nothing to show for all the time and effort you put into it.

  • I Can't Do Anything for Fun Anymore; Every Hobby Is an Attempt to Make Money Apr 22 2019
    I have hit the point where I can't do anything for fun anymore. Every hobby is not an attempt to make some extra money or turn it into profit.

  • Kafka Nodejs Example with Producers and Consumers Apr 17 2019
    Let's take a look at a Kafka Nodejs example with Producers and Consumers. Using the library kafka-node, it is very easy write a kafka application in javascript.

  • Flying a Drone With Javascript Apr 15 2019
    Here is how I spend my weekends, flying a drone with javascript and NodeJS. Using the DJI Tello, it's very easy to do.

  • Learning to Declutter and Clear Your Mind Apr 03 2019
    I'm a mental hoarder. My head is like an undiscovered planet with space junk floating all around it. Learning to declutter and clear my mind was essential to alleviating some stress in my life.

  • I Want to Do Everything so I Do Nothing Apr 02 2019
    One of the most challenging areas of self discipline in life is time management. So often I want to do everything but end up doing nothing because of the perceived lack of time.

  • Complacency After College Mar 21 2019
    Complacency after college was extremely hard to deal with. In college, things were always changing. New classes every semester, group projects, parties on the weekends and tons of socializing. After college, you sit at a desk for 8 hours staring at a computer screen. So what's the solution?

  • Install Hyperledger Fabric on Kubernetes Mar 20 2019
    A step-by-step tutorial on how to install hyperledger fabric on Kubernetes. This setup uses a two node cluster but can be done on a single VM.