Cast Android Screen to PC

Have you ever had a moment where you wish that you could view a picture/video or even a game on a display larger than your phone? Maybe you haven’t, but it’s still something really cool to try it. This tutorial will take you through the basics on how to casts Android screen to PC. Before we begin, I do want to mention that those of you who are using one of the latest Samsung phones already have this feature built in.

Stream Steam Games Chromebook

Hopefully it is clear by now that Chromebooks are not meant for gaming of any type. However, that hasn’t stopped many of you from accomplishing things like playing CS:GO on your Chromebook or PS2 Games. However, games like CS:GO and TF2 will work on almost any piece of hardware, but something like Fallout 4 won’t. If you’re still determined to game from your Chromebook, you can do so via streaming.