Stream Steam Games Chromebook

Hopefully it is clear by now that Chromebooks are not meant for gaming of any type. However, that hasn’t stopped many of you from accomplishing things like playing CS:GO on your Chromebook or PS2 Games. However, games like CS:GO and TF2 will work on almost any piece of hardware, but something like Fallout 4 won’t.

If you’re still determined to game from your Chromebook, you can do so via streaming. In fact, you can use Steam’s built in streaming functionality to “Stream Steam Games Chromebook” straight from your gaming rig. You will need to have** Linux installed on your Chromebook** to do this.



What You Will Need:

  • Chromebook With Linux Installed
  • A desktop to Stream From

Step 1: IP Tables

Chrome OS is really tight on security. Unfortunately, this becomes a pain because Steam’s streaming system requires some ports to be open in order to communicate with your desktop gaming rig. So let’s open them. Open up terminal by typing **CRTL + ALT + T. **

Type in the following:

Afterwards, start up Linux.

Step 2: Installing Steam

The rest of this is really straight-forward. Install the steam package from their website.

After you log into Steam, go to settings and select in-home streaming. Of course, make sure that your Chromebook and desktop are connected on the same Wifi network.

You should see the name of your desktop (with the status reading “Connected”).

When you view the games in your Steam Library there should be an option to stream (you don’t need to install it).

And that’s it. Keep in mind the streaming quality will vary depending on your network. I wouldn’t try any super competitive gaming using this.