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  • Google Pixel 2 XL vs Galaxy Note 8 Nov 25 2017
    The Google Pixel 2 XL and the Galaxy Note 8 are two excellent devices. They are so good, that I would be lying if I told you that it was easy to make a decision between these two devices. Deciding which one to buy is going to come down to a lot of personal preference and trivial differences. So let’s do a comparison of the Google Pixel 2 XL vs Galaxy Note 8.

  • Navigate in ReactJS using React V4 Router Nov 23 2017

    If you are building a large single page application, there might come a time when you will need to add routes to different pages. Unlike traditional routes, adding routes in ReactJS does not trigger a page reload. This makes your SPA extremely fast and feels more like an actual application rather than a simple website. To navigate in ReactJS we will be using the React v4 router.

    Setting Up React V4 Router

    Begin by installing the React V4 Router from npm:

  • Understanding the JavaScript Spread Operator Nov 23 2017
    There’s a good chance that you have probably come across the Javascript spread operator. If you are unsure, here’s what it looks like: {...} Good luck trying to google search that as you will probably get an empty results page. The Javascript spread operator is a new syntax found in ES6 (ECMAScript2015). The purpose of the spread operator is to allow an iterable like an array or string to be expanded (or spread) across another object or array.

  • Run Kali Linux 2 on Android Oct 29 2017
    Kali Linux is a popular security-focused operating system that has many tools which could be used for penetration testing. In the past, I demonstrated how to Run Kali Linux on Android (version 1.0) via the terminal. Now let’s take a look at how to run Kali Linux 2 on Android without root. To do this, we will be using Limbo PC Emulator. It makes use of the SDL library to emulate Kali Linux 2 on Android.

  • Multithreaded Javascript Oct 22 2017
    For the longest time, Javascript has always been implemented using a single thread in your browser. For the most part, this wasn’t a problem. If you’re just using javascript for simple DOM manipulations or form submissions then a single thread is all you need. However, once developers started getting more advanced with their Javascript usage, this eventually led to an issue. Let’s say I have the following single page application (SPA) that shows a list of prime numbers from 1 to 600,000:

  • Run Android Nougat on PC Oct 19 2017
    Do you have an old computer laying around that you need to find a use for? How about running Android Nougat on your PC? The Android x86 team has successfully ported Android 7.1 over to the desktop CPU architecture. This means you can enjoy your favorite apps and games on any pc or laptop. Run Android Nougat on PC The first thing that you need to do is download the Android Nougat x86 ISO file.

  • Machine Learning in Javascript Oct 15 2017
    There’s a good chance that you don’t think of JavaScript when you think of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Instead, you might think of Python and popular libraries like Google’s Tensorflow. While TensorFlow is very powerful and complex, it does require a steep learning curve. Personally, I’m just looking to get my feet wet in some simple AI programming. However, I came across a javascript library called Brain.js. This library makes machine learning in javascript plausible and testable.

  • JavaScript Read USB Oct 15 2017
    You can now officially use JavaScript to read USB devices that are connected to your computer. This is using the new WebUSB API that is still in early draft. As being so, the API could later change or be removed altogether until it receives the final verification. In order to use WebUSB you need to be running the latest version of Google Chrome, with the experimental web platform features flag enabled.

  • Snapchat using Javascript – Zuck.js Oct 15 2017
    Stories! Stories are everywhere these days. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp all have stories. Hell, it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft Excel gets a stories update. [][1] In any case, if you want to build an app like Snapchat or build an app like Instagram, there is an easy way to do so. The focus of this tutorial will be about building the story functionality of Snapchat and Instagram into an app.

  • Reddit API Application only OAuth in Javascript Oct 15 2017
    Before you begin developing your Reddit application, you will need to make sure that your app is authorized to access the Reddit API. Authorization is done through OAuth tokens that you receive from the Reddit server. The flow is pretty straightforward: Application Requests Token App Receives Token that’s valid for an hour App makes API calls with given token App request new token when the previous token expires For this tutorial, we are going to build a simple app that grabs the new posts from a subreddit.

  • Run any OS on Chromebook Oct 12 2017
    If Chrome OS is not fulfilling your needs, all hope isn’t lost. You can run any OS on a Chromebook as long as it has an x86 processor (Chromebooks with an Intel Processor). That means you can run Windows on your Chromebook or even run Mint Linux on your Chromebook. Run Any OS on Chromebook In order to run any OS on your Chromebook, you will have to enable the legacy bios with USB booting.

  • Stop Windows from Compressing Wallpaper Sep 14 2017
    By default, Windows compresses your desktop wallpaper by up to 85% of its original quality. This is done to maximize performance because most people don’t need a 50 MB image eating up precious RAM. There are two methods that you can use to stop Windows from compressing wallpapers. The first (unconfirmed) method is to use a PNG image file. There have been some reports that on the latest Windows 10 Creator’s update, PNG images are immune to Windows compression.

  • Dark Theme any App Sep 04 2017
    I absolutely love dark themes in my apps. Not only is it easier on the eyes, but having a true amoled black theme could save you battery life on certain devices like the Galaxy S8. Unfortunately, not every app comes with a dark theme option. So if you want to dark theme any app on your device you will need to use the theme engine called Substratum. Substratum could give you a dark theme Instagram, dark them Facebook, dark theme Inbox, etc.

  • JavaScript Callbacks Aug 17 2017
    In Javascript, a callback function is a function that is passed into another function as an argument. This allows you to invoke that function with a return value. Remember, Javascript’s implementation within a browser is single threaded (well..until recently at least). That means that all of your code is executed within one linear operation. However, there are some functions in Javascript which are asynchronous. That means that they have the privilege to be invoked anywhere in that line of execution.

  • Overclock Chromebook Jul 27 2017
    Overclock Chromebook? It sounds like something that should be impossible to do. However, with the power of Linux, everything is possible. The Chromebook doesn’t have the typical bios that you would find on a standard PC. Therefore, you can’t easily change the CPU frequency. Using Linux, we can achieve a software FSB overclock or underclock. For this tutorial, let’s focus on underclocking because that’s the easier thing to do (damn that click bait).