Overclock Chromebook

Overclock Chromebook? It sounds like something that should be impossible to do. However, with the power of Linux, everything is possible. The Chromebook doesn’t have the typical bios that you would find on a standard PC. Therefore, you can’t easily change the CPU frequency. Using Linux, we can achieve a software FSB overclock or underclock. For this tutorial, let’s focus on underclocking because that’s the easier thing to do (damn that click bait). Overclocking is not impossible to do, but will require a deep understanding of FSB overclocking and its relation to your chipset. Try this tool if you are interested.

Change Chromebook CPU Frequency

Begin by opening a terminal in Chrome OS by holding down **CRTL + ALT + T. ** Inside of terminal type in the following:

(you can change trusty to the name of the Linux distribution that you have installed.)

Now download the cpu frequency utils program:

Now check your current CPU frequency speed:

My current CPU speeds are at 1.4Ghz which is the max speed. To underclock to 1.2Ghz I entered the following commands:

c0 and c1 represent the two CPU cores on my Chromebook and the -u parameter tells the program to make that the maximum frequency. Now if you run the cpufreq info command from earlier, you should see the adjusted CPU speed. Keep in mind, these changes will not persist over a reboot.