Dark Theme any App

I absolutely love dark themes in my apps. Not only is it easier on the eyes, but having a true amoled black theme could save you battery life on certain devices like the Galaxy S8. Unfortunately, not every app comes with a dark theme option. So if you want to dark theme any app on your device you will need to use the theme engine called Substratum. Substratum could give you a dark theme Instagram, dark them Facebook, dark theme Inbox, etc. On most devices, you will need root in order to use Substratum. However, if you’re using a Galaxy S8 you could use this without root if you buy the Samsung Integration.

Dark Theme Any App

To begin, make sure you downloaded Substratum from the Play Store. Again, you need root in order to use this (except if you’re using a Galaxy S8). For Galaxy S8 users, you will also need to purchase the Samsung Integration app. The theme that I will be using is called Swift Dark. Theming an app is easy, open up Substratum and select the theme. Then select the device you’re using. Finally, select the app that you want to theme and hit install. If you don’t have unknown sources enabled in your settings, you might need to do that first.

For the changes to take effect, force stop the app that you themed in your settings menu, then relaunch the app. You should now see everything in black! I personally tested this using Instagram, Facebook and Google Inbox. Unfortunately, I could not get Snapchat to apply the dark theme.