React Native StackNavigator Tutorial

I have spent hours trying to figure out how to actually use the React Native Stacknavigator to navigate between screens. All the tutorials and guides seem to be missing important information, and the official React Native documentation is truly lacking in substance. So I want to save you some headache and give you a quick and easy setup to using the React Native StackNavigator. You need to Eject If you created your react-native project using the command:

React Native Android App Receive Data from Share Intent

This whole problem started when I was working with an app in React Native. I wanted the app to be able to open when it received data from another app through the “share with” intent. For example, if I share an URL through the YouTube app, I wanted my app to be recognized as one of the apps that could handle the URL and open it. I am going to spoil the fun and tell you that there’s no easy way to do it straight through javascript with React Native.