Lock Computer from Android

Consider this, you are sitting across the room chilling on your couch and you’re starting to fall asleep. Here’s the problem, your couch feels so good and you don’t want to get up to lock your computer, but you need to because you have nosy roommates. So wouldn’t it be great if you could remotely lock it from your phone? Okay, so even if this situation is completely unbelievable, this is still something cool to try and do.

Lock Phone From Android Wear

Security means everything to me. I am that guy who uses two step authentication on everything, along with safety backups and more. When it comes to security on Android, things aren’t as tight as I would like them to be. On my S6, my favorite thing to use is the fingerprint scanner. I am aware that the fingerprint scanner does not offer better security than a strong password or lock pattern (although you could easily bypass the Android Lockscreen pattern), however, it will deter most people from trying to snoop around in my phone.