League on Chromebook

I have received many requests to do a video of League on Chromebook. Well, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it works. All it takes is running Windows on your Chromebook. The biggest limitation that I face was the insufficient hard drive space on my Chromebook (Acer C720). To solve that issue, I installed League to a flash drive. Of course, this had a negative effect on the game’s load time.

League of Legends on Linux

League players are everywhere. Sure, the majority of them are PC users, but there’s a growing population of Linux gamers out there who want in on the action. Thanks to the program Play On Linux, which makes use of Wine (a popular program that allows many Windows applications to run on Linux), anyone can play League on their alinux computer. I should also add that this procedure will also work on an x86 Chromebook with Crouton installed.