League on Chromebook

I have received many requests to do a video of League on Chromebook. Well, it shouldn’t be too surprising that it works. All it takes is running Windows on your Chromebook. The biggest limitation that I face was the insufficient hard drive space on my Chromebook (Acer C720). To solve that issue, I installed League to a flash drive. Of course, this had a negative effect on the game’s load time. It took about 10 minutes until I finally got in game. Also, I should mention that you are going to need to connect an external keyboard and mouse. There aren’t any drivers to make use of the on board keyboard or mouse.

In game it didn’t get any better. My FPS did not reach any higher than 8. Honestly, I am somewhat surprise considering that Chromebooks are able to play Steam games and PlayStation 2 games. This might just be a driver limitation or video acceleration not working. In any case, definitely give it a try!

What about Crouton and Linux?

As an aside, I tried to get this working using PlayOnLinux within Ubuntu on my Chromebook. It was very buggy and wouldn’t completely install. Ymmv though.