Reverse Tether

Have you ever been stuck in a situation that you needed WiFi but only had an Ethernet connection available? Unless you’re looking to connect your phone to an Ethernet connection, you would be all out of options. I found myself in a similar situation when I needed to setup a live stream using a bunch of laptops and only one Ethernet connection with no WiFi available. This is also useful if you are looking to avoid using mobile data.

ios Emojis on Android

Everyone loves those new iOS emojis. One annoying thing about dealing with emojis is that they look different on every platform. Android has the green blobs while ios has the yellow faces. In any case, getting the new ios 90 emojis on your Android device is not that difficult, provided that you have a rooted Android device. Keep in mind though, this will only allow you to receive and interpret ios emojis on your device (so no more boxes with X’s in them when you receive an emoji from your ios friend) but you will not be able to send the new emojis.