ios Emojis on Android

Everyone loves those new iOS emojis. One annoying thing about dealing with emojis is that they look different on every platform. Android has the green blobs while ios has the yellow faces.

In any case, getting the new ios 90 emojis on your Android device is not that difficult, provided that you have a rooted Android device. Keep in mind though, this will only allow you to receive and interpret ios emojis on your device (so no more boxes with X’s in them when you receive an emoji from your ios friend) but you will not be able to send the new emojis. That is a little more integrated and requires an update on Android’s part. So here’s how to get iOS emojis on Android:

What You Will Need:

  • Rooted Android device
  • Emoji Switcher

First download the emoji switcher app from the play store. Within the app you can select what you want to change your emojis to. If you want the iOS emojis, select iOS 9. It will ask for root permission and apply the changes. Afterwards, reboot your Android device.