Galaxy S6 Slow Motion Video

Slow Motion seems to be all the rage these days. Every one is trying to do it. It should come as no surprise that the Galaxy S6 also features this. While the Galaxy S6 slow motion video capabilities don’t exactly rival those of the iPhone, it’s still pretty good in its own right. In this video, I use the built in slow motion editor. Of course, a much better way would have been to record the video in 60fps then slow it down in Adobe Premiere.

Would you only buy a Galaxy or iPhone?

Would you only buy a Galaxy or iPhone? So the other day, I was chatting with my friend about new smartphones. He currently owns the Galaxy S5 and was thinking about either upgrading to the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone. I jokingly informed him that there are other Android smartphone manufacturers such as HTC, LG, Motorola, etc. However he told me, “Dave, honestly, unless it’s a Galaxy or iPhone, I wouldn’t consider buying it.

Play PSP Games on Android

Play PSP Games on Android Yes, you can play PSP games on your Android device. This is not a gimmick, nor some sort of absurd remote VNC. This is pure emulation right on your Android device. It is all thanks to the app PPSSPP. Surprisingly, some games work with excellent frame rate and graphics quality (Naruto for example). Keep in mind though, not every game will be compatible and it will not work with every device.

Run Python on Android

Have you ever wanted to program on your phone? Well, believe it or not, you can craft code right in the palm of your hands. Python is not only a flexible programming language, it is also capable of running on your Android phone thanks to the app QPython3. Run Python on Android What You’ll Need: QPython3 With QPython3 you have access you to a multitude of tools.

Play Portal on any Android

Ah yes, who doesn’t love a good game of Portal? If you are lucky enough to own an Nvidia Shield (or any Tegra 4 device), you already have access to the game plus more exclusives. But what if you do not own an Nvidia Shield? Well there is still a way to play Portal thanks to an app called GLTools. GLtTools will emulate the Tegra 4 drivers, so that the app thinks you are using a Tegra 4 device.

How to Root Any Android Device

There are some things in life that sound too good to be true. However, this isn’t one of them. George Hortz, a hacker made famous by his iOS jailbreaks and PlayStation hacks has managed to root the Verizon Galaxy S5. So why should you care? Well, he used a recently discovered exploit found in all Linux kernels that were built prior to June 3rd. So in theory (and in practice) his app should work on any Android device that has a kernel build date prior to June 3rd.