Root any Android

I always get a lot of questions asking for instructions on how to root a particular device. Unfortunately, the root exploit that worked on one device might now work on another. This usually means that the user will have to spend hours searching for a method to root their device. This tasks becomes even more challenging if their device from a little known company without a development community.

How to Root Any Android Device

There are some things in life that sound too good to be true. However, this isn’t one of them. George Hortz, a hacker made famous by his iOS jailbreaks and PlayStation hacks has managed to root the Verizon Galaxy S5. So why should you care? Well, he used a recently discovered exploit found in all Linux kernels that were built prior to June 3rd. So in theory (and in practice) his app should work on any Android device that has a kernel build date prior to June 3rd.