Root any Android

I always get a lot of questions asking for instructions on how to root a particular device. Unfortunately, the root exploit that worked on one device might now work on another. This usually means that the user will have to spend hours searching for a method to root their device. This tasks becomes even more challenging if their device from a little known company without a development community. Luckily, there is a way to ease this frustration.

A popular app called King Root is aimed at providing users a simple way to root their device. This device uses a “it just works” ideology. All the user needs to do is download the app, and let it do all the work. Behind the scenes, the app is seaching through a database of known exploits and figuring which one that it can apply to your device. Once it finds it, it will use that exploit to root your device. The cool thing is that this seems to work on most Android devices without any problem. It is truly a one-click solution. However, the developers behind King Root have been under internet scrutiny for questionable privacy concerns and invasions pertaining to sensitive device information. Of course, nothing is confirmed as these are all rumors. So perform this procedure at your own risk.

Obtain Root

Navigate to  and download the apk to your phone. Click the download to apk to install (make sure you have off market apps checked in your security settings). Afterwards, wait for the app to analyze your phone and start the root process. You can use this app to verify if you have root.