Blockchain and Decentralization will NOT fix the Internet

Stop saying that blockchain and decentralizing everything will fix the Internet. There has been a lot of news around Cambridge Analytica abusing Facebook profile data, and Facebook for mining user data without explicit permission. Yes, I agree that these are very bad things that need to be addressed. And I also agree that while Facebook is at the front-lines of this digital privacy war, we could also blame many other companies like Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc for similar practices.

Javascript Hashcash Proof of Work

Suppose that you developed an app that will give users free stuff when they click a button. Obviously, there’s nothing stopping one user from spamming the button one million times and collecting a whole bunch of free stuff. If you wanted to prevent that, you could use something like a CAPTCHA, or perhaps give each user a session and cool off period. You could also implement something called a proof of work system.

Build a Javascript Blockchain

Blockchain! It’s the mystical buzzword that every company is saying right now. At its core, the basic concept of blockchain is not hard to understand; it’s essentially a distributed linked list. It’s also used by the popular cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. The advantages of Blockchain is that it allows for a decentralized collection of data whose integrity is easily verifiable, and the data itself is immutable Keep in mind that a fully robust blockchain will also contain smart contracts, mining algorithms (proof of work/proof of stake) and other flavorful elements that you could enhance the chain with.