Measure Battery Usage in Windows

Most people would never guess that there is a tool to measure battery usage in Windows. I first discovered this when trying to figure out what was draining my battery on my Surface Pro 3. For a quick overview of battery drain by app, you can use the Windows Battery Saving settings. Windows Battery Saver To access this, type in Windows Battery Saver in the Start Menu search.

Android Battery Saving Tips – Restrict Snapchat Background Data

Battery life on Android is a nightmare to deal with unless you know exactly what to look for. Android’s vague battery statistics can be frustrating for a novice and seasoned user alike. For example, a battery drain labeled as Android System could be Google Play Services performing something in the background, or the Facebook app using the camera, or any other app that makes any API call. And speaking of Facebook, there’s a lot of conflicting research and anecdotal reports on whether the app is responsible for any sort of excessive battery drain.

Save Battery Life on Android

Every year, smartphones get better and better. We live in the age where the average smartphone has better specs than a two year old computer. Despite all of this technological innovation, battery life is still a major concern for many consumers. It’s simple, we need longer lasting batteries. Unfortunately, until there is a scientific breakthrough with battery technology, this is unlikely to change. Fortunately, there is a way that you can get the most out of your battery.