Save Battery Life on Android

Every year, smartphones get better and better. We live in the age where the average smartphone has better specs than a two year old computer. Despite all of this technological innovation, battery life is still a major concern for many consumers. It’s simple, we need longer lasting batteries. Unfortunately, until there is a scientific breakthrough with battery technology, this is unlikely to change. Fortunately, there is a way that you can get the most out of your battery.

This tutorial is going to apply specifically to any android device running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or above. Android 6.0 introduced a feature called doze. Doze puts your device into deep sleep to conserve power. This might seem insignificant, but it works wonders! On my Nexus 5X, I managed to loose no more than 1% of battery during an hour and a half lecture. There is one thing that is annoying with doze; it takes awhile to activate. In order for doze to activate, your device must be idle for at least 30 minutes. That means your device has to be doing nothing more than sitting untouched on a surface. As you can guess, there is much room for improvement. Let’s use the app Gentrify to save battery life on Android.

What You Will Need:

  • Greenify or Greenify Beta
  • ADB Tools (Optional)

Better Doze:

Greenify has an option called Aggressive Doze.

Aggressive Doze  enables the default doze to kick in around 10 minutes of no activity. You can also enable the notification to show when the device entered doze and for how long. You might also want to whitelist certain apps that don’t use Google’s cloud notification system, as they might not work properly when the device is in doze.

My White listed apps


Even Better Doze

The above method should be fine for most people. But if you want to maximize the most out of Greenify type the following in adb to give it dump permission.

Step 1: Install USB Drivers

First, you need to install ADB tools along with the necessary drivers. I provided a link above to a toolkit which will automate the whole process.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

To enable USB debugging go to your settings menu, then developer options, and enable usbDebugging.  If you don’t see developer options, go to about phone and tap the build number 10 times.  It should prompt you that “You are now a developer” and from there you should see developer options. Go inside and enable USB debugging.

Here are the adb commands that you need to enter:

Aggressive Doze:

Wake-up Tracker:

This will allow Greenify to activate doze regardless of the current motion sensing. So this will allow your device to enter doze as long as the screen is off and not charging. So far it has worked well for me, so let me know how it works for you.