Use Machine Learning to Predict the Value of Bitcoin

The day has finally come at which I can use machine learning and bitcoin in the same article. The only thing that would impress me more would be relating the topics of machine learning, bitcoin, and blockchain in the same article, but I digress. Anway, the value of bitcoin is astonishing. It went from $900 to well over $14,000 in less than 6 months time! So hey, let’s start riding this bubble and try to cash in before its too late.

Run Python on Android

Have you ever wanted to program on your phone? Well, believe it or not, you can craft code right in the palm of your hands. Python is not only a flexible programming language, it is also capable of running on your Android phone thanks to the app QPython3. Run Python on Android What You’ll Need: QPython3 With QPython3 you have access you to a multitude of tools.