Image Classification using Nvidia Digits – Deep Learning

Nvidia digits is a great way to get started with deep learning and image classification. It’s an open source platform that you can run on your computer to do things like image classification, object detection, and processing. It also contains a REST API so that you can easily do all of this through HTTP requests if you desire. For this tutorial, let’s take a look at image classification using Nvidia digits.

Machine Learning in Javascript

There’s a good chance that you don’t think of JavaScript when you think of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Instead, you might think of Python and popular libraries like Google’s Tensorflow. While TensorFlow is very powerful and complex, it does require a steep learning curve. Personally, I’m just looking to get my feet wet in some simple AI programming. However, I came across a javascript library called Brain.js. This library makes machine learning in javascript plausible and testable.