Half Life 2 on Android

Let’s talk about playing Half Life 2 on Android. If you are lucky enough to own an Nvidia Tegra device (such as the Shield) then you can completely ignore this tutorial because it doesn’t apply to you. Half Life 2 exists as an exclusive for Nvidia’s Shield device. Unfortunately, not everyone owns a device that is running the Tegra cpu. Luckily, using the app GlTools, you can emulate the Tegra graphics driver on your device.

Play Half Life on Android Wear

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. But in this case, you totally should. If you recall, I demonstrated how to play Team Fortress Classic on Android using the SDLash app. The app is able to emulate the GoldSource game engine, which was used in many of the classic valve games such as Half-Life and Team Fortress. Right now, I am putting together a tutorial on how to play Half-life on Android, but in the meantime, check out how to do it on Android Wear (albeit a little more complicated).