Blockchain and Decentralization will NOT fix the Internet

Stop saying that blockchain and decentralizing everything will fix the Internet. There has been a lot of news around Cambridge Analytica abusing Facebook profile data, and Facebook for mining user data without explicit permission. Yes, I agree that these are very bad things that need to be addressed. And I also agree that while Facebook is at the front-lines of this digital privacy war, we could also blame many other companies like Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc for similar practices.

No More Internet Privacy

This video is different that my usual content. In light of recent events, I wanted to highlight some of the concerns of privacy that is being challenged through companies and congress. I don’t want to persuade you either way, but I just want to make you an informed consumer as to what’s going on. There has been the recent incident of Verizon installing spyware on Android devices and the repeal of internet privacy laws (S.