Use Android as Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever needed to cast music from your PC to your Android device? Let’s walk though a quick tutorial that will show you have to use your Android as a bluetooth speaker.

Download Android Wireless Speaker App

Begin by downloading the app wireless speaker for android . All you need to do is download it, and launch it. No further configuration is needed. Take note of that IP address that is listed for your phone in the app.

Download PC Companion

Head over to this forum to download the PC companion app. Yes, I know; it looks sketch. Don’t worry, this isn’t a various or malware. After you download the companion app, unzip it and launch it.

You should see an icon in your system tray.

Right click it to access the settings and input the IP address listed from the app then click start. Now, whenever you play music from your PC it should stream to your Android device. Congrautlations, you just turned your Android device into a wireless speaker.