Ebooks are not social

If you are trying to be more social, consider investing in traditional books over EBooks. I know this sounds crazy, and no, Amazon did not pay me to say this.

Ebooks are missing an important aspect that we have always took for granted in traditional book. There is no easily visible cover! This means people have no idea on what you’re reading. With traditional books, its out in the open for everyone to see. For example, I was at the airport reading the book Genius Foods, and the lady next to me saw the cover and thought it was similar to another book she read and this opened up a conversation between us (which made waiting for a delayed flight a little more bearable). Chances are, if someone sees what you’re reading, it will give them an opportunity to open up a conversation. Of course, letting everyone know what you are reading might not always be the ideal thing to do in every situation.

I like to view books as a showcase about what goes on in my mind. Call me egotistic if you will, but showing everyone the inner workings of my brain through my book selection gives me a jolt of happiness and satisfaction.