How to Control Android from Android

There is an easy way that you can control one Android device from another Android device. This is useful if you need to perform any type of tech support for someone else’s device. To control Android from Android we can use the free app TeamViewer Quick Support.


This is not compatible with every Android device. TeamViewer has a full list of the supported manufacturers. Unfortunately, if you have a Google Pixel device then you will not be able to take advantage of the remote control capabilities; you will only be able to share your screen. If you have a recent Samsung device like the Galaxy Note 9, then you will need to download a special test version of TeamViewer that doesn’t rely on Knox.

Step One:

First, download the TeamViewer Quick support app on the Android device that you want to be controlled. It will generate a pin for you.

Step Two:

On the device that you want to do the controlling, download the TeamViewer for Remote Control app. Open up the app and enter the Pin. On the other device, it will ask the user to confirm the incoming connection.

Once they confirm, you will now be able to control the Android device.