Best windows 10 Screensavers 2018

Here is a collection of some of the best Windows 10 screensavers that you should try.


Fliqlo is my favorite Windows 10 screensaver of 2018. It has such a clean and minimalistic look that goes great with the design of my room.

Sun Village

This is a screensaver from Nvidia. It’s a nicely rendered 3D scene with lots of activity happening. It looks bright and vibrant and you can even enable the built-in FPS counter. Though, I’m not sure if I want a screensaver that stresses my GPU especially if I am not going to be activity at my desktop.


Aerial is a beautiful Windows 10 screensaver that displays aerial footage of mountain tops and nature. It’s a port of the Apple TV equivalent screensaver just for Windows.


PolarClock is another basic screensaver that offers a minimalistic design. It’s essentially a clock that combines, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years.


Yes, this screensaver displays a fake BSOD. I definitely wouldn’t use this because I would get a mini heart attack every time I look at my monitor.