Ubuntu install Hangs on Splash Screen Fix

When I was trying to install Ubuntu I experienced a very strange issue. The Ubuntu install hangs on splash screen for a very long time. I would select the option to try Ubuntu in the grub menu, and then I would get this strange screen with broken graphics. It looked like the graphics failed to load or something. The Ubuntu install freezes on that screen and would not advance.

I eventually found out that this issue will occur if you are using an Nvidia Graphics card. The proper drivers aren’t loaded, so you will have to fall back and install the Nvidia drivers. Here’s how I fixed it:

On the Grub screen with try Ubuntu, highlight the option and hit e. From there, go to the line that reads Linux and add the following at the end of it:

Afterwards, hit F10 to save changes and boot. Ubuntu should now load into the OS. (These settings aren’t permanent, you will have to do it every boot until you install the Nvidia drivers)

Once inside of Ubuntu, you will have to install the official Nvidia drivers. If you are planning to install Ubuntu, I would first run through the initial process, then reboot and enter in the command above again. Afterwards, install the Nvidia drivers using the following command and you are good to go.