Install Kali Linux on Chromebook

Kali Linux is a popular security focused operating system. It offers a lot of…eh…”interesting” use case scenarios. To install Kali Linux on the Chromebook is very easy. Crouton (the popular open source script that is used to install other operating systems on the Chromebook such as Ubuntu on Chromebook) can be used to install Kali Linux on Chromebook.

What You Will Need:

  • Crouton File

Install Kali Linux on Chromebook

On your Chromebook, start by opening the terminal:

Inside of terminal, enter shell:

Now begin by downloading the latest version of Kali Linux and setting your desktop environment. I am sticking with xfce for my desktop environment but you can change it to whatever you desire:

This will begin the installation of Kali Linux. Give it a couple of minutes to complete.

Starting up Kali Linux

To start up Kali Linux, simply enter in:

**Now there might be a good chance that it fails to start up. **You might get the following error: Owner of /tmp/.X11-unix should be set to root. There seems to be a bug with an old X-org file causing it to crash. Don’t worry, there’s a way around this. We simply need to enter the Kali Linux environment and remove it. Type in the following to enter Kali Linux without gui:

Then make sure the repository is up to date:

Finally, remove the offending file:

Then type exit to exit the chroot. Finally, type in:

Your desktop environment should start and you will have Kali Linux running on your Chromebook.