Enable Developer Mode on Chromebook

If you want to get root acess or install Linux or Windows on your Chromebook at some point, then you will need to enable Developer Mode on Chromebook. To Enable Developer mode on Chromebook is very easy and only takes a few minutes.

Get Started

Start at your homescreen and hold the following keys:

Your screen will briefly turn off before coming back on again. It’s going to be a white screen with the text OS verification.

Now hold down the following keys:

This will turn OS verification off. It will then reboot once more and erase your data before turning on developer mode. Once it’s complete, you will be back at the Chrome Login screen where you can set up your account.

That Scary White Screen

Once you enable Developer mode, you will get that scary OS verification screen everytime you boot your Chromebook. You can either wait 30 seconds or hit CRTL + D to bypass it. If you really want to get rid of this screen, you could flash a custom firmware. We’ll talk more about that later though.