Share Internet Connection Windows

My friend and I decided to have a small LAN gaming session the other day. There was just one problem, he didn’t have a wireless adapter for his PC. Luckily, I had my Windows Surface on me and was able to share my internet through that (with the help of this USB Ethernet dongle) to my friend’s PC.

To share your internet in Windows, you will need to make sure that you have a device that has an active wireless connection along with an Ethernet port. Alternatively, you could use this method to turn your computer into a wifi hotspot.


Connect the client PC (the one without internet) to the host PC via an Ethernet cable. Then, go into Network connections and right click on the wireless connection and go down to properties.

Go to the sharing tab and select the option to allow other network users to connect. Then click OK to apply the changes.


You might have to unplug and replug the ethernet cable of the client PC back in for it to get a connection.

That’s it! It’s a very painless way to share your internet connection. If you have problems connecting, try running the Windows Network Diagnostic. Surprisingly, it works well to fix any setup issues.