Best Extensions for Google Chrome

The best thing about Google Chrome is all the extensions that are available for it. Now I recently learned that Microsoft Edge also has extensions, but nowhere near as many as google chrome. By no means is this an exhaustive list of all the best extensions for Google Chrome; just a few of my favorites that I use every day.


If you are concerned about your privacy on the internet, then Ghostery is the perfect app for you. Whenever you visit a website, Ghostery will show you the trackers that are watching you. Most of these trackers aren’t bad (just analytics and advertising data) but they still keep track of your IP. Ghostery allows you to block any of the tracking sites. You can block a tracker on a specific site or on any site that you visit.

Google URL Shortener

This is a simple app that I use all the time. Google URL shortener will shorten the link to the current website that you are on. It also gives you simple analytics of the shortened links such as how many people clicked on it.

ColorPick Eyedropper

This extension I use all the time while working in Photoshop. Color Picker allows you to get the hex value of any color that’s currently displayed on the web page.

Better YouTube Subscriptions

If you’re an avid YouTube watcher, then you probably know how annoying it is to switch between tabs while watching several videos. With this plugin, each video will appear in its own pop-up window.

What Font

I started to become a little obsessed with fonts, especially while redesigning this website. With that font, you can hover over any text and it will show you the font name and its properties. Very useful!


Lastpass extends beyond a simple Chrome extension. Lastpass is a very robust password manager. It allows you to generate secure passwords and saves all the passwords that you use. It can also auto log you into sites and periodically change your passwords. It is completely worth purchasing the yearly subscription for this.