Control Multiple Computers

Does your workstation setup contain more than one computer? I have my main desktop along with my surface setting in front of my at all times. I sometimes hate that I have to reach across my desk and switch between keyboards to type something. Luckily, USB sharing between the two devices is not difficult. Thanks to a garage app by Microsoft, you can control multiple computers with one mouse and keyboard very easily.

What You will Need:

  • Mouse without Borders


Setting up Mouse without borders is very easy. When you run it for the first time, it will ask you whether or not you already have the program installed on other devices. If you don’t, it will prompt you with a  Key and your Computer’s name. You will enter this info on any other computer that you want to control.

What’s really helpful is that the program provides you the ability to customize your setup. For example, I have my Surface directly beneath my monitor (well, more at an angle). Within the program, I can move the monitors around to match my setup.

Overall, the functionality of this program is amazing! It’s almost like I have my Surface setup in a dual monitor configuration. Within games, I can go to my surface, do some work, then be right back in the game. The transition is quick and seamless. Definitely give it a try!