Linux in Windows 10

Microsoft has done something really cool in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. They gave users the ability to use the Linux Bash Command Line from within Windows. This is not through a virtual machine nor container, but a subsystem that they previously added in an earlier Windows update. Here’s how you can enable Linux in Windows 10:

What You Will Need:

  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update

How To:


First, go into the start menu and search for the Windows Update Settings.

Go to the tab that says “For Developers” and enable Developer mode.

Then go into Programs and Features. Select the option to turn Widows features on or off. In the Window, select the option “Windows Subsystem for Linux” then reboot your computer.

Now, when you type in bash in the start menu, you should see the bash command line. When you launch it, it will run the setup.

That’s it, now you have access to the Linux command line and even the apt repository.