Hearthstone on Chromebook

Hearthstone is a very popular game which I coincidentally don’t play. However, I do spend quite a lot of time on my Chromebook and love seeing how far I can push its compatibility with software. Naturally, the idea of running Hearthstone on Chromebook appealed to me. After all, Counter Strike, TeamFortress and PlayStation 2 games work, so I don’t see why Hearthstone wouldn’t.

If you haven’t guessed already, we are going to be using Linux to make this work. This is because Linux has the popular Play On Linux software which allows Windows games to be played on Linux (to an extent). This also means that you will need to have an  x86 Intel powered Chromebook.

What You Will Need:

  • Chromebook with Linux Installed
  • Heartstone

Step 1: Install Play On Linux

I am going to assume that you are using Ubuntu and that you already have the Ubuntu Software center installed. Within the software center search for Play On Linux. Install and Launch the App.

Step 2: Setting Up Hearthstone

After you launch Play on Linux, click the button that reads install. Search for Hearthstone. It’s going to give you a warning that it’s still in testing. Select Install. From this point, it is going to create the virtual drive and prompt you install the Microsoft fonts.

Step 3: Oh no, I’m stuck

You will most likely get stuck at the language selection. It’s going to prompt you to select a language but there aren’t any to choose from. This is the point that we are going to launch the Hearthstone install executable. Close the current window. Then go to configure and select the drive that reads hearthstone. Go to the **miscellaneous **tab and select the button to run an .exe in this directory. From there, select the Hearthstone executable from the link above. Afterwards, you should see a language selection window appear and the install should resume like usual. Make sure to keep all the options default.

Once the install finishes, you should be at the battle.net login window. You should be good to go from this point. I don’t have an account (nor do I want one) so I did not try signing it. Give it a try and tell me how it goes!