Hack Android Apps and Games

Wouldn’t it be great if every game had cheat codes? Well, this might be closer than you think. Using the app Game Guardian, we can change the value of any numerical data within Android games. Yes, you can now achieve an unbeatable high score in your favorite game.

To do this you will need to have a rooted Android device. The process for this is fairly simple. We need to find the location of the desired attribute then change its value. The challenging part is finding the location of the attribute. Without going too deep into computer memory and assembly language, just know that a hex address points to each value in memory. Once we find that hex address we can change the value. You should also be aware that this will not work with every game. Lots of games might have an “anti-cheat” mechanism that will detect for extremely large numbers at places where they shouldn’t exist. So here’s how to hack Android apps and games:

What You Will Need:

  • Rooted Android Device
  • Game Guardian

Step 1: Installing

After you download and install Game Guardian, launch it and start the service. You will see a floating window of the game guardian icon. You can adjust its size and opacity in the settings menu if it’s difficult to see.

Step 2: In Game

The next logical thing to do is get a game that you want to test this on. I am going to use the game Stack. Within Game Guardian, select Stack as the application.

What we want to do is achieve an insanely high score. First, we need to locate the address that points to the score variable. In order to do this, we will need to buildup an arbitrary score that we can search for. So play the game until you reach a score of 2 or 3.

Now go into Game Guardian. Select the button that reads “Known and enter the value that you want to search for. For simplicity, set the type to auto. You will most likely come across a large list of addresses that point to the value 2 or 3.

Unfortunately, we can’t safely change anything because we wouldn’t know which one to choose. So the solution is to go back and continue playing until you reach another number. So say you reach the score of 10. Go back to Game Guardian and search for 10. The list will probably be smaller than before but still too large. So repeat the process one more time.

Now suppose that your score is 12. When you go back to Game Guardian, you might see a value that reads 12 (this is still from your previous search of 9). If that’s the case, then you have successfully pinpointed the right address. The last thing to do is change the value.

Select the value with D. D is short for DWORD which is the size of the data on a 32 bit architecture. It’s more than likely that the phone you’re using is at least 32bits, so this is what you will need. Change that value to something like 300 and save it. Now when you go back to the game, the value should be changed.