Counter Strike on Android


How would you like to play one of the most popular PC games of all time on your Android device? So, maybe playing Half-Life 2 and Team-Fortress classic on Android isn’t cool enough for you. Well, how about Counter Strike on Android? Of course, this isn’t going to be the latest Counter Strike Global Offensive with the Source Engine. It’s going to be the old school original counter strike from the late 90s.

This is all possible thanks to an app called Xash3D.  It uses the SDL library that allows you to do some really cool emulation such as running Windows 95 on your device. Overall, the performance offered from this app is amazing. Interestingly enough, there are a couple of servers still running for the original counter strike, so you can play multiplayer with this.

What You Will Need:

How To:

So the process to get this running is fairly simple. First, create a folder called xash on your Android device. Then, copy your **Valve **and Cstrike folder from your Counter Strike installation to the xash folder on your device. Finally, download and install the two apps listed above.

Launch the CS client app on your Android device. Then select the button at the bottom to launch the CS game.

This will launch Counter Strike. The gameplay itself is smooth (as to be expected from a game over 10 years old) and you are able to use the on-screen controls or a Bluetooth controller if you have one available. There also might be one or two server online that you can join in for online multiplayer. Give it a try!