Windows XP on Android Wear Smartwatch

Alan Turing, the great father of computer science, had once said that, “Machines take me by surprise with great frequency.” I think we could all relate to that statement in one way or another. From the age of early gaming, to the development of PDA’s, Smartphones, Smartwatches and even Smart Glasses, there never seems to be a point where technology fails to impress us. What is even more astonishing is how outdated technology can easily become to us within a small amount of time. Windows XP is arguably one of the best operating systems Microsoft has ever offered, and at one point, nearly everyone was running it. Now fast forward to 2015, and this amazing operating system can easily be emulated by a device no bigger than a  2 inch square. It is for this reason that I find the idea of emulating so amazing. It shows just how far technology has advanced, even if it has only been a decade since the XP days.

Okay enough rambling, let us talk about Windows XP running on an Android Wear Smartwtach. I performed this whole procedure on my LG G Watch. If you have watched or read any of my previous Windows XP on Android tutorials, this is no different. Basically, I installed the bochs emulator to the watch then transferred my Windows XP disk image. I used a program called WinBuilder to make a very small image of Windows XP that is only 100MB in size with minimal graphics. The full installation of WIndows XP is about 1.5GB, and to transfer that over bluetooth with adb to my smartwatch would have been an all day process. Also, by using a minimal version it speeds up the boot process. All in all, Windows XP boots properly on the G Watch. Of course there is no keyboard, so there is really nothing that I could do with it.  As to be expected, the performance is less than desriable. In any case, this is a cool proof of concept to highlight just how far technology has come in emulation software and processing capabilities.