Best Chrome Extensions for Web Development

Google Chrome and its developer tools are an absolute necessity for any web developer. But you shouldn’t stop there because there are even more great tools and extensions that will help you with web development and design. So let’s take a look at some of the best Chrome extensions for web development.

React Developer Tools

If you plan on doing development in React, then you should definitely download this extension. It makes debugging a lot easier because you can see your whole app’s hierarchy and look at the values for each state and prop from all of your components. It also gives you an overview of all the functions within that component and their current value. Before discovering about React develop tools, I was dependent on console logging. Using this plugin has saved me lots of frustration.


So this extension is less for web development and more for good SEO optimization. It is an extension that has recently transformed that way I deal with writing articles and keywords. With Fatrank, you navigate to one of your website’s pages and type in a keyword from the page (the page title for example). The extension will then tell you what position of Google search results that your page is on. For anyone dealing with SEO optimization, this is an absolute must-have extension.

ColorPick Eyedropper

This extension is very straightforward; it allows you to get the hex color value of anything on a page. I use this all the time for web design as there is often a particular color that I like from another site that I want to use. It’s a little quicker than trying to open up the Chrome dev tools and finding the element to get its color value.


This is another extension that I use for web design. It allows you to see the font details of any text on the page. You can see the font name, weight, line-height, and color. Again, it’s really useful when I see a font on another website that I like and want to use.

Clear Cache

This extension does exactly what you think. With a click of a button, it will clear whatever cache you desire. It might seem a little trivial, but when you’re dealing with SPAs a lot, cache control becomes a very big problem.


JsonView will neatly format any JSON that you open up in the browser. It’s especially useful when working with REST API’s and validating the JSON request or response.