Tor for Android

Let’s talk about internet privacy. So as you might be aware of, when you open up a tab in incognito mode you’re not really browsing anonymously. Your ISP and and any one else who is monitoring your internet can get your location and see the sites you visited. To truly browse the internet privately, you need to use tor.

To keep it brief, Tor is a mesh of proxy servers that bounces your IP to different locations across the globe. The connection is encrypted throughout most of the journey. So here is a good wiki link if you want to learn more about tor. So now, let’s take a look at tor for Android. This is accomplished using an app called Orbot.


What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Download and Install Orbot

Orbot makes use of the Tor proxies. When you first launch orbot, it will take you through the setup. If you have root, make sure to request superuser access. You should also download the Orweb browser, because it has extra privacy and security features that chrome does not have, and the only way that you can connect to Tor if you are not using a rooted Android device.

Now, If you do have root, you can use the transparent proxy feature that will  forward all of your connections through the Tor network no matter which app you’re using, and also for tethering. So in this case, you can use it with normal apps such as chrome and you don’t have to use the orweb browser


Step 2: Activate the Service

Hold down the app’s power button to activate the service.  Now check that you’re connected to the Tor network. Hopefully, the browser opens up confirming that you are indeed connected (Green congratulatory text).

To test this out, I’m going to go to and search, what’s my IP adress.

According to one site, I’m currently located in England, which I am not.

Now when using tor keep in mind a few things. First, your internet is going to be slower than usual because of the many servers that your connection is bouncing from. Also, if you’re using this on a non rooted device, all of you other connections through apps such as chrome, is not going through the tor network. And remember as with anything, Tor is not 100% perfect. There are still gaps in security that could easily be breached. Especially if you use plugins such as Flash.

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